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  • Cyndi Fine

    Cyndi Fine

    Our Guest ExpertCyndi Fine is known as a Creative Instigator. She helps her ...

  • Erica Glessing

    Erica Glessing

    Our Guest Expert:

    Author Erica Glessing believes that happiness is your truth, and creative self expression is your birthright. She began ...

  • Allana Pratt


    Intimacy Expert Allana Pratt knows that sex is sacred, bodies are temples and true intimacy starts inside. This classy, sexy, Ivy League ...

  • Brandon Pipkin


    Having grown up in humble circumstances, Brandon Pipkin was anxious to be successful in all areas of his life, especially the financial ...

  • Steven Olsher


     Steve Olsher’s presentations are moving, inspiring, and hilarious. Most importantly, audiences of all ages walk away with tangible ideas, concepts, and easy-to-apply learning ...

  • Elizabeth Lombardo

    Elizabeth Lombardo

    Dr. Elizabeth Lombardo has the prescription for success: in work, health and life. Elizabeth ...