Shawn Driscoll

Shawn Driscoll

Our Guest Expert: Shawn Driscoll believes the fastest way to build a respected and profitable business is to dare to be distinctive. That’s why she created the innovative Trailblazer’s Quotient, to help people find out what business model best suits them.

In today’s competitive and crowded marketplace Shawn knows that smart, ambitious experts can’t make their mark, or a meaningful profit, by following the crowd. With a keen eye for strategy and a sixth sense for seeing ‘hidden’ systems within businesses, she has fast become a sought-after coach to many trailblazing entrepreneurs and leading experts internationally.


Topic: “Get UNstuck and Claim Your Best Work in Your Business”

Here’s What We’ll Learn:

Do you ever feel like you’re stuck in a business model that keeps you doing work you’re good at, but isn’t positioning you at your best?  Are you looking to shake things up in your business and head in new directions but wondering how to do it without rocking the boat too much?  In this episode we’ll explore how to know when it’s time for a business model change, and simple ways to open up to your best work and find the freedom and fulfillment you’re craving.

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