Wendy Collier

Wendy Collier

Our Guest Expert: Wendy Collier empowers women to live free from the inside-out through the SoulFUEL Adventure Business Academy, and her many other program offerings. She believes the human spirit never rests until it has found a home where it can be fully and authentically expressed.

She coaches entrepreneurs and those stuck in corporate on how to win the inner and outer game to design a business that becomes their Soul FUEL™. She shows women how to find the guts, smarts, and confidence to profit from their passion and make a difference.

Wendy is also an avid traveler and a volunteer Court Appointed Special Advocate for abused children (CASA). She has a Psychology & Communications Degree, and 21 years of marketing experience at Fortune 500 and Forbes Top 100 companies.


Topic: SoulFUEL™ Living

Here’s What We’ll Learn:

In this episode, we’re talking about spirituality, our soul’s fuel, and what to do if you’ve suffered a spiritual injury. Wendy has a story that’s common to many of us – how she reclaimed her power after realizing she had given it away to “spiritual leaders” almost without question, how that played out when she was in an abusive relationship … and how we can all find our soul’s fuel no matter where we are.

Join us for this information packed how-to clinic … Also click on the”Café Clips” button for an instant download of this guest’s takeaways, action steps, and most common mistake to avoid!

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