Harnessing Your Creative Fire

Something tells me that you are a creative type.  You are filled with a seemingly never ending flow of amazing ideas that you strive to implement in your life and your business. 

If you are like most creative people, coming up with ideas is easy.  You are overflowing with them!  Your challenge is implementation.  You have great ideas, you have the drive, but what you are lacking is the focus.  As one great idea flows in and you start working on it, another one jumps up and catches your eye… distracting you from the first idea and pulling you in a completely different direction.  Then another one pops up… and another…

Next thing you know, lots of time has flitted past and you have 10 half completed (or in some cases, only barely started) projects lying about and nothing to show for your brilliance and Herculean efforts.

Looking at all of these incomplete projects can seem very overwhelming and discouraging.  Perhaps you even start beating yourself up for “never completing anything” and begin to stifle your creative fire.

There is no need for any of that.

All you need to do is harness that amazing creative gift that you have without stifling the fire.  So let’s get organized!

To help me harness my creative energies, I use an “Idea Bucket”.  I keep a running list of ideas that come in and keep adding to it as the ideas flow through.

So… how does it work?  It’s simple. You could use an Idea Notebook or an app like “Evernote” to keep a running list so your ideas are captured.  As they come in, write them out.  Then take some time to get clear on which project makes the most sense for you to move into at this time.  Let’s organize these ideas from a business perspective.

Look at each idea and ask these questions:

1.       What makes the most sense to move into in my business right now?

2.       Is it something that my clients want?

3.       Is it going to sidetrack or derail my business/projects from its current track?

4.       Can I get it up and running without using up too many resources?

5.       Will it monetize?

6.       Can I implement it quickly?

7.       Does it align with my vision, mission, and brand?

Use these questions to help you prioritize and organize your implementation approach.


Create your own “Idea Bucket”.  Get an app or a notebook that you can use to start tracking your creative ideas.  Keep a running list of ideas going and begin prioritizing how and when you implement your ideas based on these questions.


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