“I feel like I’m on auto-pilot, just going through the motions”

“I wish I could take back control of my life – I want to get me back”

“I worry that negative thoughts are holding me back”

“The internal chaos I feel is overwhelming”

“It’s as though nothing matters, nothing works, and nothing will work”

“I’ve sacrificed my integrity, and now I don’t even know

where to begin to get back on-track”

Stop over thinking this. You can move on.
So stop going round and round … let’s talk about advice that ACTUALLY helps.

Can I get on my soapbox for a minute?

Any of those quotes I put right at the top of this message … any of them could have been something that I said to myself or a trusted friend at some point in my life. And you may have felt the same way, too.

The failure. The pain. The lack of answers.

Waking up in the morning, and realizing you aren’t succeeding at doing what you love.

Being soooo tired of struggling, performing beneath your standards, being unhappy and unfulfilled, and worrying about the future.

Feeling like a failure and being scared that it won’t get any better.

It’s Called Being Stuck.
And To Me, It’s A Familiar Feeling.

Hearing those exact thoughts run through your head.


“I’m stuck.”

“I should be able to figure this out.” 

“What if I can’t survive this?”


And realizing that the only thing everyone else around you wants to say is “Just get over it.”


There was a point where I didn’t even want to tell anyone that I felt like I had reached a dead-end and had nothing left but internal chaos.


And I was afraid.


I was afraid because I didn’t know what to do.

Afraid to stand up and ask anyone for help.

Here’s Your Advice On Getting UNStuck
From A Best-Selling Author and
America’s 1st Professional UNstuckologist!

“Stop being afraid. Stand up and dust yourself off. And take action. Because success is a choice. And you’re burning valuable energy by being anywhere else other than being successful.”


And this is not just about me telling you, “Do something about it!”


That’s easy for people who aren’t stuck to say.


I’ve been there, I’ve rebounded from the lowest of lows, and I realize exactly the type of support you need, the strategies you need to use, and the resources that are ESSENTIAL for getting UNstuck from whatever business, financial, or spiritual rut that you are in.


Here’s who I am:


My name is Rémy and I am a best-selling author, a professional teacher, an advisor, and an expert on helping women like you who have “big-ass” dreams wake up from your dissatisfaction with life and get moving.


I’ve been featured on the Business Beware Show on FOX Business, the On the Edge Show (a CBS affiliate), Smart Money Talk Radio (an NBC affiliate), and The Women’s Information Network. I’ve been called “America’s 1st Professional UNstuckologist.”


I host the “Get Unstuck Expert Café” weekly podcast.


My two books “Living Life As An Exclamation Point!” and “Get UNstuck—How To Get Out of Satus Quo and Get Past Go!” are selling more copies than I ever imagined.


And — not to sound too straightforward, I am an expert on how to help you define your goals, get motivated, and reach them.

I’m Not Here To Tell You To Just Get Over It.

I’m Not Here To Tell You To Fix It On Your Own.

I Am Here To Give You An Opportunity To Take ACTION.

Here Is What You NEED

You NEED to get UNstuck. To get your life moving. To create a vision or turn the vision you already have into reality. You need a mission, a path to success, and a way to execute it. And you need help to do it, because it’s not going to happen on its own.

Here’s What You Are Going To Do

If you want help, I am here to provide it. It starts with learning, planning, and getting the advice of professional experts in psychology, motivation, and life coaching. With learning modules that teach you what you need to know to move forward and with the accountability you need to succeed.

Here’s How You Are Going To Do It

The best way to make a change right now and get the support you need is to create a revolution for yourself. To “Ignite A Revolution.” To discover the meaning of complete change through careful planning and calculated action. We’ll talk more about this in just a minute.

AND This Is Why It’s Going To Work

You’re going to get my help, the advice of over 10 other experts, personal guidance, the accountability you need and the resources essential for success. This is going to work because you are going to experience a complete personal revolution that awakens your life, removes your fears, erases the barriers keeping you from success, and put you on the path to reaching your goals.


The 4-Month Mastermind Course Guaranteed To Get You UNstuck And Moving Toward Your Dreams

Here’s what you get:

  • 1

    Your Unique Passion Blueprint

    Get started immediately with 10 modules that will help you define a vision for your life and set achievable goals that you can attain. Through your unique passion blueprint, you’ll create a clear plan for your future!

  • 2

    10 Weekly Training Modules

    Each week, you’ll discover a new training module—with specific trainings from me and a guest expert. Every module is different and focuses on a new aspect of building your dreams, reaching your goals, and getting UNstuck.

  • 3

    4 BONUS Workshops

    Focus on creating partnerships, generating prosperity, stepping into your heart’s true desire, overcoming intimidation, and overcoming spiritual injury with 4 BONUS workshops that enhance weekly training modules.

  • 4

    4 Private One-On-One Phone Calls

    You’ll get private help, instruction and open ended Q&A 4 times throughout the program with one-on-one phone calls. It’s like hiring your own personal development consultant and counselor!

  • 5

    Monthly Inspiration Calls

    Each month, you’ll get additional calls to speak with me and guest experts to help keep you motivated, inspired and moving forward with your personal revolution!

  • 6

    The Get UNstuck Expert Café Membership

    Registering for the Ignite Your Revolution Success Mastermind also gets you membership in The Get UNstuck Expert Café—a weekly virtual training and discussion series where you’ll hear from a variety of get UNstuck experts!

FREE Book – You’ll also receive a FREE BONUS COPY of my book “Get UNStuck—Get Out of Status Quo and Get Past Go!” Keep it for yourself or give it to a friend!


Isn’t It Time To Experience Your PERSONAL Revolution?
There’s Nothing Else Like This 4 Month Success Mastermind Workshop.

Don’t Know Where To Get Started?

That’s okay! You don’t need to have clear goals or a vision for your future yet. This 4 month course starts from step one and helps you define a clear idea of who you are and where you want to go.

Unclear Vision?

Modules 1, 2, 3, and 4 are just for you! Discover the clarity that is missing from your life and awaken the latent desire, passion, and energy that you’ll use to finally experience success.

Feeling Stuck Beyond Belief?

Modules 5, 6, and 10 will prove to you that success isn’t something that people were born with. After you’ve experienced clarity and awakening, you’ll know exactly how to get UNstuck … now and in the future.

Not Getting A Result?

Modules 7, 8, and 9 show you exactly where to find results in your life. From relationships to financial success, you’ll see exactly how you can turn your personal revolution into the results that you need from life.

Leanne Modell

“So you’re stuck in a rut, overwhelmed, ready to make a change once and for all? Then, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce Rémy Chaussé! Rémy is an absolute master at lasering in on your area of “stuckness” and releasing the brilliance within you that has been aching to come out.

Unlike programs you may have experienced in the past,this isn’t a run-of-the-mill rah rah session with temporary results – Rémy’s program is a Revolution! So if you’re ready for REAL transformation and a guide who can take you there – saving yourself days, weeks, months, even years of wasted time and frustration – then allow yourself the gift of Rémy’s program and let the adventure begin!”

Leanne Modell Your Miracle MindShift Mentor www.LeanneModell.com

Amy de Schweinitz

“Rémy has an incredible ability to see your brightest, most radiant Self and the potential that is there, if you are willing to stand in it. She listens and coaches with such a gracious, kind and loving spirit.

Her ability to understand and articulate the barriers and obstacles that are keeping you from having what you want is incredibly valuable. I felt safe to be vulnerable, yet challenged to step up and can’t wait to see what doors open for me as a result!!”

Amy de Schweinitz HHC, STOTT PILATES IT & Instructor www.amydeschweinitz.com

Don’t Let ANYTHING Keep You From Your Passion.

Get Your Unique Passion Blueprint Right Now.

Specific training.


Expert advice from me and other guest experts.


All of the information you deserve and the guidance you need to overcome your fears, set goals that you can achieve, become the person that you want to be, and experience a complete and total revolution in your life.


If you’ve been waiting for a moment to act—this is it.


This is your opportunity to take advantage of the most complete, highest quality, comprehensive program to ignite a revolution in your life.


Over the course of 4 months, you’ll go from feeling stuck, not knowing what to do, and having to hide in the depths of your mind just waiting for a miracle to happen that awakens your life … to taking complete control over your motivation, actions, and success.


From personal to business to financial success—no matter what your dreams (or even if you don’t have them yet!)—you’ll experience an awakening that is completely revolutionary.


Jolina Karen

“Wow! Thank you so much for sharing your insights! I soooooo get it! I’ve just recently reconnected with a passion, stepped out of being detached to life, and am going for my new project in a not-passive way. I care … and I care that I care. And it is making all the difference! I don’t feel like I’m articulating ‘it’ exactly but your words have hit a nerve in me, for sure.

I feel like I’ve spent the last 8 years denying a very passionate part of myself, and trying to make myself be more of her opposite, but Ms.-Passionate-About-South-Africa will no longer take a back seat! She has been called many names (dreamer, fanciful, wistful, naive, romantic, deluded, immature, unrealistic etc. etc.) and I’m finally saying: ‘I don’t give a shi*, I am all those things!’ That’s me, and I want and need to be more connected to, and involved in, the future of my homeland ….no matter what. It feels so much more alive! Thank you for your insightfulness and inspirations!”

Jolina Karen Healer. Teacher. Entrepreneur www.jolinakaren.com …..because freedom matters!

Kellie Gardner

“Recently, I learned that obsessive thoughts have a purpose. According to Rémy, ‘They provide you with an opportunity to re-align with personal truths and values and find out what truly resonates with you. The key is to use the obsessive thought as a launching pad for growth … and then actually launch.’ The funny thing is I have been working on getting a grip on obsessing for some time, so it was as if God placed her in my lap to help me see myself, understand myself, and then equip myself with strategies to make the necessary changes. She’s helped me immensely.

I cannot tell you how her words just opened up the heavens for me. It was like being caged up in a room without windows for years and suddenly released to go outside to get some fresh air. So, how about you? What are you obsessing over? The good news is at the end of the day, Rémy’s advice is right on point.”

Kellie Gardner Host of Books That Transform with Kellie Gardner & FriendsChanging Mindsets, Transforming Lives www.booksthattransform.com

And the best part…

money-back-guarantee100% Guaranteed
My NO-RISK Promise


“Ignite Your Revolution” is GUARANTEED to work for you.


And that’s something unheard of with a course and learning module mastermind like this!


If you complete the program and you aren’t satisfied — if you haven’t experienced a complete revolution in the way you think, feel, and act when it comes to living your life on your terms and reaching the goals that we’ll work toward — I will give you your money back.


It’s that simple.


I want to invest my time in you.


The experts that you’re about to work with want to invest their time in you.


We want to help.


And we are willing to take all of the risk ourselves to make that happen.


If “Ignite Your Revolution” doesn’t work for you—you get all 4 months of our time and investment for free.

Lisa Rehurek

“I spent just a short amount of time with Rémy andshe had such a fresh and unique approach to helping me move through a block that I was having. She was able to quickly get me in touch with where my block was coming from, and she gave me a wonderful exercise that has really opened things up. She’s wonderful!”

Lisa Rehurek Creator of the S.I.M.P.L.E. Productivity System™ www.miss-simplicity.com

Sue Rice

“Rémy’s talent and clarity of thought never ceases to amaze. 100% of the time I work with her she doesn’t just have fresh insights, she provides major breakthroughs. I come into our sessions cluttered … I leave with clarity of mind, renewed purpose and lightness of step.

She can synthesize everything you need to do in one visual or one exercise and thus magically transforms the difficult into the easy. Don’t walk … RUN … to get advice from this intelligent, charming and funny lady so you too can get unstuck!”

Sue Rice Midway Millionaire Mentor reinvent.midwaycafemagazine.com

Less Than $10 Per Day.

L2455745_set’s talk about cost and value.

If you break every element of this program down into its individual parts … from personal guidance and one-on-one consulting, to each learning module, course guide, workbook, webinar and membership deal, you’re looking at a value of almost $50 or $60 per day of instruction and guidance.

Plenty of people, just like you, go to private life coaches, schedule consultations with experts who can provide guidance, and visit therapists to get the advice and perspective they need to move forward. This type of advice can cost over $300 per hour!

Others attend in-person courses that cost as much as $3,500 for just one weekend of instruction!

You get 4 months of high-quality instruction including…

10 Weekly Learning Modules ($3,500 Value!)

4 Learning Workshops ($997 Value!)

4 Private Phone Calls ($197 EACH!)

4 Monthly Inspiration Calls ($197 EACH!)

The Get UNstuck Expert Café Membership ($157 Value!)

And The Knowledge And Willpower To CHANGE YOUR LIFE!

All for only $10 per day!

That’s it.

Add everything up and tell me that this program isn’t a deal!

I know for a FACT that many people run in-person seminars that are half as effective and change $3,500 per person for attendance over just two days.

You get over 120 days of instruction, guidance, and life-changing experience for only $10 per day.


seancarroll“For me, being happy is all about feeling like I’m making progress. No matter where
I am in life, or what the goal is, if I’m making progress, I feel happy. I’ve hit many “plateaus” and I they can be hard to can’t break out of.

Getting Un Stuck is SO vital to maintaining not only my business growth, but also my own happiness! I’ve learned I can’t do this alone. To come in contact with someone like Remy is a true blessing. I need people like her in my life to show me how to regain my momentum.”

Sean Carroll
Solopreneur Strategist

You Can’t Do This Alone.
Why Wait Another Minute?

All you have to do to get access and get started on your 4 month transformational journey is click below.

After completing the payment and registration form, I will send you your first learning module.

Have questions about anything?


Feel free to let me know!

Just send me an email here: HiRemy@RemyChausse.com

I am here to help you ignite your passion and start your personal life-changing revolution!

And Remember. This Success Mastermind Is GUARANTEED To Work. Or You Get Your Money Back!


Rémy Chaussé

Founder of The Get UNstuck Revolution!™


P.S. This is your Success Mastermind for playing BIG! I created it especially for extraordinary women (and a few smart men!) with big-ass dreams who are ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo! In this program, not only will you get 4 private one-on-one calls to create your plan … but I’ll also show you how to bring clarity to your vision, and your vision to life, so you can create a life you love! It all starts with a strategy, so why not use a strategy that gets you on-track with your magical vision? Your Unique Passion BlueprintTM is the fast track to igniting your own revolution!