Access Your Inner Guides

If you were to point to your inner guides right now, where would you point? To your heart? To the space above you? On your shoulder?

Now consider your dreams as a possible location …

How much attention do you give to your dreams? Do you have the same dream over and over? Or wake up feeling as if something profound occurred to you in your dreams? Or do you simply ignore your dreams as the alarm clock rings and sends you running head first into a new day?

Even if you do dream vividly, as you wake up and start your day you probably lose track pretty quickly. SnippetFreePhoto43-150x150-150x150s might appear here and there, but by the time the coffee’s brewing and you’re putting on the last of your make-up, you’ve all but forgotten anything your dreams revealed.

Those fleeting moments aren’t just random bits and pieces of fluff. Some experts say these are your inner guides trying to communicate with you, to help you get UNstuck and find your greater purpose in life!

There are very few times during the day when you truly connect with your inner self without the noise and distraction that surrounds you. But in sleep you have the luxury of communicating with your deepest desires, focusing on what you truly want, and making peace with all that has happened in your past … and what’s more, you have your own inner guides to help you along the way!

It takes a little practice, but you can learn to use your dreams to access and activate your inner guides to keep you on track to create the amazing life you were meant to live!

Start by simply expressing your desire to connect to your inner guides through a short meditation or prayer before you go to bed … or by writing down your desire and slipping it under your pillow.

When you first wake up, reflect on your dreams and write them down. If you can’t seem to remember them right away, let your mind drift and be open to your guides. Your guides will often give you a snippet of the dream … and that might be all you need. As you go through the day, other bits and pieces of the dream may occur to you. Jot them down wherever you can and add it to your dream journal later.

Making sense of your dreams might seem to be the hardest part. But you can make use of dream dictionaries online and many other places. Then over time you’ll start to understand your own personal dream symbols and signs, as your inner guides begin talking with you all the time!

Why not give it a try? Before you go to bed tonight, jot down your desires, and see what advice your inner guides have to help you!


Write down one thing you want guidance on from your own inner guides.

Right after you wake up in the morning, write down your dreams. Take some time to explore their meanings online and discover what your inner guides have to offer you!


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