Are Other People Keeping You Stuck?

Keeping a positive attitude during the day can often be a challenge. Sometimes we’re surrounded by negative people who seem to only be happy when they’re miserable … and they’re NEVER quiet about it!  They just want to find ways to drag others into their negativity.

So how do we stay positive around negative people?9910855_s

People who spend their time in negativity are looking for ways to validate their attitude. They want to believe that their negative view is okay … and dragging you into their negative energy helps them feel as if you share their misery.

It would be great if you could just banish them in order to preserve your own positive attitude, but the reality is that you may have to work and live with people who simply can’t see the positive in life.

Even though you may accept that you have to deal with negative people, you can’t let their negative energy drag you down, either. Do whatever it takes to limit exposure to negativity.

Don’t validate someone’s negative attitude by encouraging conversation about it. When they begin talking about something negative, change the subject to something more positive … if you’re really good, you might even raise their mood a little bit! At the very least, when they realize you won’t share in their misery, they’ll probably end the conversation and look for someone else to validate their negativity. (I’ll often do this by gently asking, “Is there anything positive about this story???”)

Did you know it takes an average of 30 minutes to re-center yourself even after a typical conversation? You can just imagine how long it takes after a negative conversation! So if you have to spend time around negative people, you also need to find ways to re-gain your positivity … otherwise you could very soon find yourself stuck in that negative outlook.

Seek out others who have a positive attitude and spend time with them each day, sharing your joys rather than your challenges … listen to music that makes you happy … put up a few pictures or posters that make you laugh or inspire you … and look for the humor in otherwise negative moments. All of these intentional actions help surround you with a bubble of protective energy.

Most of all, remember that you can’t change other people’s attitudes. All you can do is keep your own attitude positive, and hope that you serve as an example of positive energy to others!


Who are three people (celebrities, spiritual teachers, and pets included!) that can help me maintain my positivity? How can I spend more time with them?


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