Are You a Commander or a Doubter?

When we feel stuck, we also feel powerless. But we don’t have to be powerless.

It’s amazing how fast doors can open when we dare to command our high expectations to manifest themselves. I know, that might sound like a tall order. How can you basically make the universe give you what you want? I mean, it’s the universe! It’s a lot bigger than you are, right?

The good news is, no one expects you to push the universe around … or at least I don’t. We take command of a situation not with force, but with our thoughts.

The word command means to have authority or control. This doesn’t mean you’re actually controlling other people or even controlling the situation. It means you are commanding your own thoughts.

Think of how many people look up at life, or up to the heavens, for answers. It’s as if life were a mountain towering over their insignificance. When you take command, you move up to the summit and look out over your world. And it’syour world, so you’re allowed to look at it with authority and control! And when you do, your world rises up to meet you.

Sometimes we keep ourselves small by focusing on our problems, instead of creating the solutions that inspire us.

A positive assertion of the good you wish to experience is often all you need to turn the tide of events to produce good for you swiftly and easily. Because when you assert what you want, you eliminate the doubts that stand in your way.

Are you ready to try it for yourself?

Think about where you’ve been reluctant to take command over your world. Think about where doubts have stopped you, or where your doubts were louder than your creative thoughts. Think about what those specific doubts are, and write them down.

Some common doubts I hear from people are, “No matter what, I can’t seem to ___,” or “I want to see a change happen, but I don’t know how to make the change.” (Hear the doubt in those two comments?)

Now, can you see how doubts have gotten in the way and maybe even stopped you from taking command over your own thoughts and your own creations?

It’s your world. Only you can truly command it.

What will you dare to command?

Your Turn

The doubts I experience most often are:




My new commanding thoughts are:




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