Are you being honest with yourself?

If you’re feeling stuck, then maybe it’s time to get tough. Let’s get down to the nitty gritty and ask the big, deep, difficult question …

“Am I being honest with myself?”

Because if you’re not being totally, utterly, and completely honest with yourself, how are you ever going to achieve what you totally, utterly and completely want?

Sometimes we wonder if we truly want something. We think we’re supposed to want it. We think it would be good for us. Maybe we’ve wanted it for a long time. Whatever the reason, if you’re not being honest with yourself about what you want, you’re not living in integrity. Even if you’re not lying to anyone else, even if you’re not hurting anyone else, even if you think you’re doing what you’re supposed to be doing, even if you’d feel bad for bailing on something you’ve worked so hard to achieve … are you truly living within your own integrity?

It’s a fabulous question!

You may stumble and fumble around. You may say, “I thought that’s what I wanted, but I want to change it around now.” That’s fine. That’s honest. Just as long as you’re being true to yourself. Because sometimes your objectives change, and that may require re-aligning with your integrity.

The instant you start covering or lying to yourself, you’ll feel it inside. You’ll fall down. You’ll feel uneasy. You’ll make excuses. You’re definitely going to end up feeling stuck if you aren’t being honest with yourself about what you truly want. Because even if you get exactly what you tell yourself you want, it still won’t feel right.

I remember talking to my attorney one day. He had purchased two condos, an  upstairs and a downstairs unit. They both had an incredible view. His plan was to live in the bottom unit for awhile, and rent out the upper unit. Then in a year or two, he would open up the two condos, creating a 2-story townhome with amazing views from every room.

Then something unexpected happened. He met a woman and fell in love. This confirmed bachelor met someone he was crazy for, and they soon bought a home and started a family. He put his two condos on the market for sale, and when I asked him about his incredible plan for creating a 2-story townhome with amazing views, he simply said: “My objectives have changed.”

He was honest with himself.

So today is the day to get truly honest. Look at your life in a new light, and get real with yourself, and you’ll be on your way to getting what you totally, utterly and completely want!

Your Turn

Where I’ve been lying to myself is:




Where I want to be totally, utterly, and completely honest with myself is:




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