Are you giving too much power to your limiting thoughts?

Have you ever tried telling yourself that you ARE successful, only to have that little voice in the back of your mind say, “You’re so full of it”!

Feeling stuck is often the result of our unconscious mind working against our conscious thoughts. We spend a lot of time trying to envision the life we want, but our unconscious mind is fully aware of the discrepancy between what we SAY we want and what we really have.3339304_s

When this happens, your intention of trying to bring into being something that doesn’t yet exist is actually working against you! You’re actually reinforcing the limiting thought that you aren’t yet successful! These thoughts—often subconscious—actually feed on themselves in an insidious way and keep you stuck.

But there is a way through this dilemma. You need to be brutally honest with yourself about what is keeping you from living that life you truly deserve to live. Chances are, it’s a fear of taking some small step that you KNOW you need to take.

Focus first on what it’s costing you to be stuck in the same job…the same life…the same situation.  If you continue in that sameness, what is your future?

Then, take a small step toward what you want. Think about the life you want and start getting more and more clear on your new vision. How do you want to feel in this new life? Imagine what it will be like to live the life of your dreams. Maybe even “try on” that new life a bit! Test drive a fabulous car…attend open houses of homes you’d love to live in…experience what it feels like to BE the successful person you want to be.

As you push away those limiting thoughts and focus on new possibilities, the universe will respond by showing you the next steps you need to take. Trust your intuition, because things that are in alignment with the life you are seeking will begin to come into existence!

The fears will still be there. After all, taking steps toward a new reality means leaving the world we know and stepping into uncharted waters. But as you learn to release those fears and forge ahead anyway, more and more success will come your way, leading you to the amazing life you want to live!


What success would you like to see happen next in your life? With that vision in mind, what one small step toward that success can you take today (so that the universe can begin to line up the next steps for you)?


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