Are you pushing prosperity away?

Prosperity for all!Have you ever wondered about these “universal laws” or “universal principles” and what they mean …

where did they come from, and more importantly, do they work? Could you literally be pushing prosperity away from you?

Let’s talk about the Law of Increase and the Law of Decrease …

The thing about Increase and Decrease is, it has to be one or the other – Increase and Decrease can’t exist at the same time. (Even I can see that it’s mathematically impossible, and I never was much of a genius at math!)

If you focus on decrease … on criticizing, condemning or judging yourself or others, or

obsess about the things you don’t have … you put limits on what you can achieve. And achieving a limited result can lead straight into feeling stuck.

The way the Law of Increase works, is that when you think and talk about things increasing, they actually do. Kindness, positive thoughts of expansion and victory, belief in yourself and others – focus on things inthis category, and your world and options and happiness will grow.

And, if you haven’t guessed this part already, you just might get UNstuck!

The human spirit is resilient, so even if you’re not feeling like things are increasing at this point, you can still use the Law of Increase at any time.So why not now? It’s incredibly easy and rewarding to establish and maintain an attitude of increase toward everything and everybody.

Let this be your main thought: “I’m thinking of myself and others as rich, successful, prosperous and victorious,” and you help make it so.

All over the world, people are hungry for increase; they want to see more of the good in everything. And rightly so, for it is a divine desire! Whereas, when people criticize, condemn and belittle others, in a strange but powerful way, they are asking for the same things to happen to them.

The moral? What you send out into the world comes back to you – multiplied.

When you use the Law of Decrease rather than the Law of Increase, you are delaying your own prosperity. And why would you want to do that? Apply the Law of Increase to everything you do and everyone you meet, and the only thing that will decrease will be your stuckness.

Which I’m pretty sure you won’t mind.

Your Turn

The people to whom I would most like to send positive thoughts of expansion are:




What I wish for each one of them is:




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