The Universe Isn’t Personal

The Universe Isn’t Personal

– It’s Simply Responding to Your Hidden Instructions –

You finally signed the contract for that deal you’ve been trying to close for months. You’re already cashing the checks in your mind, paying down your credit card debt, making an appointment to get your hair done, maybe even planning a special treat to reward yourself for all your sweat and sacrifice and hard work …

And just like that, the contract gets cancelled.

What’s worse? It’s the fifth contract that’s been cancelled in the past few months. Ugh.

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You decide to go for a nice, long bike ride to clear your head. And, wouldn’t you know it, practically the second you hit the road, it starts to rain. Buckets. What the … ???

Sometimes it feels like no matter how hard you try, nothing wants to go right (not even the weather). Like you’re being spun around and around in that whirlpool in the bathtub and headed for the drain. It’s not that you don’t try to pull yourself out … when you find yourself in one of those cycles (and we all do, from time to time), you rack your brain for what you could possibly be doing wrong. You wonder what you’re missing that’s keeping you in this awful situation. You worry, you panic, you get depressed, you get angry, and finally, exhausted and wrung out, and you conclude that there’s only one possible answer.

The Universe, obviously, is against you.

Let me assure you, that is absolutely not the case!

The Universe isn’t personal. It’s simply following your instructions … it’s responding to your vibration. When that vibration is negative, everything you don’t want just seems to pile up.

Here’s the thing. While you’ve been putting part of your energy toward manifesting what you want, another part of you may contradict that vibration. The universe doesn’t know what to bring you because you aren’t a vibrational match to your desire.

If part of you is focused on what you want, and another part is focused on what you don’t want(or especially on what’s lacking or who you’re mad at or how you got into this utterly maddening situation), you can’t manifest what you DO want.

It’s like a tug of war, with opposing energies pulling at both ends. Your vibration is opposed to itself and nothing can move forward. What you want stays in the un-manifested world of wants because the universe doesn’t have clear instructions from you.

On top of this contradiction, there’s one more tiny detail to consider:

Things only appear to be going wrong.

When negative experiences seem to just be piling up on you, you’re being asked to take on anew perspective. And that perspective has everything to do with what’s called “the illusion”. Things may appear to be going wrong, but it isn’t real. (Well, I shouldn’t say it isn’t real, because it feels very real!)

The illusion-part is that the challenge you’re facing usually has a hidden message. The challenge itself isn’t asking to be solved; it’s asking you to change your vibration in spite of what’s happening around you. In doing so, you send out a new vibration to the universe so that what you don’t want can fall away, and what you DO want can come to fruition.

But if you focus solely on the illusion, you call in negative energies because you’re looking at the illusion as a problem that isn’t solved.

Hellooo … you can put this on a billboard and light it up with Hollywood lights:

Problems are laden with resistance and contradiction.

The illusion is an opportunity to put it all right… to move out of negative emotions for everything that’s going wrong, and into a positive vibration that will bring about positive change.

The secret is to focus on raising the frequency of your vibration. The higher your vibration, the more powerfully you’re able to manifest your dreams and desires … and the more good things the universe can bring you.

Another common question is “When is it going to happen?”

Your manifestations don’t usually happen on a linear timeline. Imagine a continuum that runs left-to-right. Now imagine a different continuum that runs straight up, higher and higher in frequency. That’s the timeline… your manifestations often happen when you go straight up and align with a higher vibration.

From a higher frequency, you’re allowing your manifestations to come TO you because you’re in a vibration that the universe can respond to favorably.

Remember, the Universe isn’t personal… it’s simply responding to your vibrational instructions. If you change your vibration, you can change the outcome. This is what will unlock your hidden power!

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Get the Free Guide: “The Universe Isn’t Personal… it’s Simply Following Your Hidden Instructions”

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