Do Your Relationships Affect Your Goals?

Let’s talk about love for a moment. Many of us have experienced the personal joys that come with love . . . falling head over heels for the first time, looking into the face of a newborn child, or just the peace that comes from sharing your life with someone who completely “gets” you!

But we also know the heartaches . . . the break-ups, the lack of support, the betrayals. And we know how much these heartaches drain us of our desire to achieve our goals. So, what I want to focus on today is looking at the relationships we have in our lives and how those relationships are lovers_quarrelaffecting our goals. Are they helping or hurting our plans to get UNStuck? And . . . what can we do about it? Take some time to examine your relationships with your significant other, your family and your friends.

Are spending time with people who love you? The people you spend time with should be supporting your goals and encouraging you to reach higher and go further.

But if the people you spend time with are busy pointing out the roadblocks, criticizing your goals, and questioning your methods, it will sap your energy and get in the way of your success. Their energy is toxic to your goals and desires!

What is missing in those relationships? Sometimes, the people you love don’t really know what it is that you are looking for.

Sometimes the people you love are worried about the affect your personal desires will take away from their relationship with you.

Or, you might have very different mindsets about what it means to be successful. As an entrepreneur, you may be perfectly happy with uncertain financial outlook that often accompanies success, but someone with an employee mindset likes the security of a steady paycheck and a 401K retirement plan.

Where does the relationship need to go? Once you’ve determined what’s missing, it’s time to figure out what you can do to change things, and make your relationships work for you, not against you!

With some relationships, it may be just a matter of better communication. Make sure your loved ones know what your goals are and understand what you’re doing . . . and share their passions as well!

With others, you may need to schedule time with them, in order to help them see that they are important to you and that they help you maintain the balance in your life.

Others may require some boundaries. These are the people that you love, but their negativity drains your desires and keeps you stuck! Think about how much time you spend with them, and how you can limit the time you spend in their orbit.

You don’t necessarily need to drop these relationships, although you might find that is the case in the end. In fact, maintaining relationships is important to having a healthy work/life balance. After all, you’re working to achieve the amazing life you want to live and our relationships are a big part of that!


Who are the most important people in your life who support you?

Who are the people in your life who are toxic to your goals?

What can you do, today, to begin to change those relationships to support your amazing life?


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  • Priya
    Posted at 06:33h, 17 January Reply

    What if the people who support you become the people who are toxic to your goals.
    I have a certain goal in my life but the people who are very close to me are the stand against me. Although I have done conversations in all way.
    I tried to persuade them, even I understand their concern and point of view also. I make them sure, I can prove myself right. But their reasons seem ineffective to me.
    In that condition what should I do?

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