Does your frustration have a message for you?

At the corner of Same Old and Change

When you’re frustrated and feeling stuck, even though you may really, truly believe that you want nothing more than to get UNstuck,

your reality may be very different. You may actually start fighting for status quo.


It’s true. And this is completely normal and natural. The fact is, while we might not mean to, most people’s natural instincts are to fight for status quo. Subconsciously, we work to keep things exactly as they are, even if they aren’t exactly the way we want them to be.

Crazy, right?

Why do we do this? Why do we fight for a state of being we don’t really want?

It helps to look at the universe as a sort of continuum – there’s expansion (growth) on one end and contraction (the opposite of growth, which would be shrinkage) on the other. Status quo sits right in the middle, meaning that when you’re at status quo, you aren’t growing, and you aren’t shrinking either. But you are stagnating.

Staying in one place can feel safe and non-threatening. It can be a lot easier than growing and changing. Well, until it isn’t.

Sometimes your doubts or frustrations are actually your best self – the part of you that wants to grow and change – asking you to do something about it! They’re not letting you feel comfortable in status quo. Your doubts and frustrations are pushing and prodding and saying it’s time for something new.

Think about that. If you’re feeling stuck, if you’re experiencing doubts or frustrations, maybe what’s really going on is that very best part of you – the part of you that wants to grow and change – is telling you it’s time to get out of status quo!

The only question left is, are you ready to listen?

Your Turn

These are the areas of my life where I’ve been fighting for status quo (and it’s probably keeping me stuck):




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