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Are you an extraordinary woman with big-ass dreams?

Are you ridiculously unsatisfiedwith status quo?

Are you ready and itching to just get on with it?

Are you ready to get in the game and start playing to your strengths?

Join The Get UNstuck Revolution™

Hi, I’m Rémy Chaussé, “America’s #1 UNstuckologist”, and I’ve met plenty of people just like you; extraordinary people living ordinary lives full of untapped potential.


I spend a lot of intensive, one-on-one time working with super-achievers and big-picture dreamers, helping them uncover their passions, tap into their hidden greatness and reach new heights in their professional, personal, and spiritual lives.


And the more people I meet – women and men, young and old, successful and almost-successful, the more I keep hearing the same three disempowering little words:

“I feel stuck.”

Why do so many people feel hopelessly trapped in mediocrity? 


There isn’t a one-size-fits-all answer to that question. However, one thing I have noticed is when people tell me they’re feeling stuck, the real problem isn’t that they’re stuck in the situation. They’re actually stuck somewhere else, someplace much more personal. Maybe you’re one of these people. Maybe…

You’ve tried everything, and no matter what, you can’t seem to move forward

You’re hung up in anger, you know it’s damaging you but you can’t seem to let it go

You already know the right thing to do, but you’re terrified to act on it.

You have hundreds of question marks circling overhead that paralyze you from taking any one action that can set you on the right path


Trust me. If you are feeling any of these sensations you are in the majority!

There is NO unwritten rule that says you “should be able to work out your problems yourself”

There is NO need to waste precious life and time “waiting for your problems to resolve on their own”

And there is NO guarantee “just tolerating” your current situation is going to make it better in anyway whatsoever!

Let me ask you this…

If it was okay to ask for help, if you didn’t need to tolerate your current feelings of disempowerment and you could be free of them within the next 30-days would you accept that offer?

Most people would, in fact you’d be crazy not too, but all too often people do have the exact tools they need for the job and yet they fail to get UNstuck… why?

A Breakthrough Is A Journey NOT An Epiphany

business woman thinking of ideasWe’re all waiting for our “breakthrough.”  That one, big moment when it all comes together – kind of the ultimate “a-ha moment” when it all gets explained and it all makes sense and we all live happily ever after.

Sadly, life rarely plays out like this.

We want everything now. We want epiphanies NOT breakthroughs.

A breakthrough is a journey, it takes time and it takes momentum, desire and dedication. But that doesn’t mean it has to be hard, boring and time consuming.

This is why so many ‘shelf-help books’ end up on your shelf gathering dust. The reader expects an instant epiphany and the book demands commitment to a journey.

It was this disconnect between what people expected from a personal development product and what they needed that inspired me to create the Get UNstuck 30-Day eCourse.

I’ve condensed down all of the most essential lessons I’ve learned from my own personal journey to success and the key strategies I have helped other ‘super-achievers’ implement on their journeys to attainment into a 30-day course.

Here’s what you’ll learn…

How to begin to turn your life purpose into your life's work

How to play to your natural strengths

How to stay positive around negative people

How to actually roll up your sleeves and get UNstuck in 30 days or less

Listen up because…

This is not a coaching package that will cost you the earth and demand your complete devotion every moment of every day

This is not an open-ended dialogue that draws out your time and money for results on a drip feed

This is not a self-indulgent self-help or therapy that forces you to go deep in search of answers you might not need to find

Real Self-Help For Positive Self-Starters

10095359_sThis award-winning program is a 30-day ecourse that’s ideal for a self-starter, for someone who wants to roll up their sleeves, get their elbows dirty and quickly get to the bottom of what’s got them stuck … once and for all … so they can just move on.

Are you ready to take a stand against mediocrity?

Do you ever feel like you’re ready for something bigger, something greater than where you are now?

Have you pinpointed your life’s vision? Did you think you were on the right track, but you still aren’t getting anywhere or making any money and are wondering, “Have I missed the mark?”

Are you currently in a transition, feeling like your life doesn’t quite fit you anymore, asking yourself …”NOW what?”


If you’ve tried everything and you are still stuck then this 30-day ecourse is your ticket to the top table.

First though, let me tell you about invalidation.

‘STUCK’ Has Only One Common Denominator

stubborn-150x150It’s called invalidation.  Invalidation sneaks into your life and steals your exclamation points! When it comes to life’s ugliest situations, you’ll always find invalidation there waiting for you.

It starts when someone tries to put you in your place by branding you unreasonable, illogical or wrong. Or it can happen when someone refuses to believe you, ignores your needs, or pretends you don’t exist, or they simply tell you, either out loud or through their actions, that …

“You. Don’t. Matter.”

When that happens, you end up feeling discredited, crippled, and totally nullified. What’s even worse is when it becomes part of your spiritual journey because invalidation has the power to shatter your soul.

Invalidation is the #1 way people get stuck. But then you also get stuck…

  • Going through the motions
  • Dazed on autopilot
  • Doing things you think you’re supposed to be doing, (without having any real clue WHAT you’re supposed to be doing).
You DO Matter

17405951_sIt’s easy to get stuck when everything you’ve ever believed in is pulled out from under you. And when it does…

How is anything supposed to make sense anymore?

Well, now, that is a great question and it’s just one question of many that you will be prompted to answer in my Get UNstuck Quick Start ecourse.

The Get UNstuck Quick Start 30-Day eCourse

In this unobtrusive, simple ecourse you will receive a carefully curated lesson every day for 30 days.


Each lesson will be made up of one precise example followed by a short exercise designed to give you the maximum effect from that day’s lesson.


The Get UNstuck Quick Start eCourse is a condensed version of my 6-month program on how to get UNstuck.


Top Tip: Save your emails! You can, of course, revisit the lessons at any time in the future when you feel the need to make a shift in your life to get UNstuck again.


No one will be pressuring you with accountability … or asking you to stretch painfully far out of your comfort zone … or embarrassing you because you aren’t moving as quickly as they think you should.


But you will be getting daily nudges for 30 days in your email box to take a few moments out of each day to ask questions, and perform simple exercises that WILL allow you to make the shift you need to make… if you want it.

So, if you feel ready to…

Break free from your self-imposed straightjacket and just get on with it

Find that one special strength inside you so that you can fulfill ANY vision

Have complete confidence and certainty about which direction to take so that you can actually start moving forward

BREAK the status-quo and start living your life on your terms

… Then NOW is the time.

And here’s just a tiny taster of what you’ll discover…

How to make great decisions easily and effortlessly

What to do with annoying excuses

How to get clarity in an instant

How to stop settling for less (hint: this is what has you stuck in the first place!)

How to stop solving problems, and start creating solutions that inspire you

How to expand your life by using the Law of Increase

Why you need to get totally, utterly, and completely honest with yourself

How to bust through passivity and indifference and find your spark again

Why doubts always have a message about your own values

Why PFT (Previous Failure Thinking) is a form of torture!

You can finally BE RID of those things that have you stuck once and for all and say “YES!” to your dreams!

It’s worked wonders for these women… so why not you?

JaneBeard“This will kick-start you into a new level in minutes!”

I loved this book! From the first chapter, I found hugely practical, actionable ideas I could put to work. Without even consciously working on it, I found flow and movement in my ideas for my business just by DOING the simple exercises here. Rémy’s voice is here, too — it’s like she’s coaching you through the page. This is a goldmine of great ideas, and it will kick-start you into a new level in minutes. The counter-intuitive tips on dealing with excuses are worth their weight in GOLD. Rémy obviously can’t guarantee results, but as one who got GREAT results from this gem, I tell you that you’ll get unstuck and get past go FAST! Absolutely guaranteed!”

Jane Beard • Dynamic Performance • Revealed

TriciaGreavesNelson“My re-occurring dilemmas are so much easier to understand!”

“Rémy gets right to the heart of the problem on how to make a decision, and helps you get “unstuck” right away. She provides such a simple formula that I can use at any time, for any problem, big or small! That satisfies my practical side … on the visual side, I am such a visual person and the drawing of my ego-self and soul-self just made my re-occurring dilemmas so much easier to understand! When I’m operating from my ego-self I’m disconnected from who I really am, my soul-self. Thank you!!”

Tricia Greaves Nelson • The Nelson Center for Emotional Healing

Test out the award-winning Get UNstuck Quick Start 30-Day eCourse

RISK FREE For A Full 7-Days

money-back-guaranteeIf you’re ready to join The Get UNstuck Revolution!™ and live the life you’re meant to live then I want to welcome you with open arms and assure you that your life can be flat-out, knock-your-socks off crazy-amazing when you get UNstuck.

… and more than anything I want you to experience this freedom!

So to give you every possible chance of getting UNstuck (and to remove every possible excuse for not getting UNstuck), this 30-day Quick Start eCourse is available to you for 7 full days.

If you don’t see enormous changes in the first 7 days I will refund the entire course fee without hesitation.

And You Get To Keep  ALL Of These Incredible Bonuses (Worth $700.00)

Bonus #1:

A “Get UNstuck Instant Breakthrough” private session. (This session alone is literally priceless, and because  there is only one of me, it is only available to the first 25 people.)

Bonus #2:

A video training on making easy but surprising choices so you can play to your strengths and create a fulfilling life.

Bonus #3:

A special edition book called “In the Face of All Evidence – How to Get UNstuck No Matter What’s Happening Around You”! This is based on a workshop presented by Bob Doyle from The Secret. Discover some of his very best Law of Attraction tips, learn how energy behaves in the universe, and find out Bob’s #l tip to get UNstuck!

These bonuses come to a combined price of over $700.00 but they are free to you today when you enrol in the Get UNstuck Quick Start eCourse.

Due To Popular Demand the Award-Winning Get UNstuck Quick Start eCourse Is Now Available On CD

By daily email or all at once… start your own, personal 30-day journey out of stuckness and into a future full of exciting, inspiring and illuminating insights and exercises that will finally give you what you need to take the wheel and drive your life to its ultimate destination.

For a limited time we are offering this unique one-of-a-kind course at an even easier price – order the digital email version today for an unbeatable price of $197 (or just $247 for the CD version).


Yes, I’m ready! Enroll me today in “The Get UNstuck 30-day Quick Start eCourse”

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Three Facts That Just Might Help Ease Your Mind . . .


I know you’re probably crazed with eighty million things to do and not enough hours in the day to do them.  That’s why I’ve designed this course to fit in with YOUR life.  Every day, you’ll receive a new very brief, but very powerful lesson. Something you can incorporate immediately into your life.


Wherever you’re stuck right now – emotionally, professionally, romantically – chances are it’s holding you back on many levels and keeping you from budding into your fullest life.  “The Get UNstuck Quick Start eCourse” addresses the one area where prosperity is consistently and predictably shut down. This opens up the possibilities to learn exactly how to align your life with what matters most.  And when that happens, the prosperous results in many areas of life can be truly amazing!


Here’s a little secret you might not know.  Finding out who you are isn’t about the finding-part.  It’s about creating yourself.  It’s about looking at your special, unique gifts that belong to you and you alone and becoming the person you were meant to be. When that happens, answers come to you, life is effortless, and every day brings more joy so you can live life fully!

Live now … in a big, bodacious way!

To your success,


Rémy Chaussé
Best-selling author and Founder of The Get UNstuck Revolution!™
(949) 464-7369

P.S. Not able to order online? No worries! Just call us and we’ll take your payment through a telephone registration. Immediately after ordering this one-of-a-kind course, you will receive your very first lesson and a new lesson by email every day for 30 days … plus the Get UNstuck Instant Breakthrough private session (valued at $497) … plus the extra bonuses outlined above in about a week! Don’t stay stuck for one more day!

Legal Disclaimer: Every effort has been made to accurately represent our program and its potential. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, don’t apply to the average attendee/purchaser and are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire, and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.