Finding Your Talents

6181247_sLet me get serious for a moment. You’ve been stuck at least once in life, right? I mean . . . really stuck. And the worst part is, you find that you’re not quite sure where to go, or how to go about getting UNstuck. In fact, you’re so close to the problem that you can’t even see a way out.

The truth is a lot of people are in exactly the same boat. I speak with people all the time who feel frustrated with their job or their career or their business and they tell me, “I’ve been at this for so long, I don’t have any other skills … so how could I ever step away from this?”

It’s a very common problem. People lose sight of their talents because they’re too close to the problem. They simply can’t see the forest for the trees!

This is exactly WHY you need to start opening up and asking others for a little help figuring it out. Often, your friends and co-workers will see the talents and skills that you possess that you have completely lost sight of!

It’s a simple question to ask these friends:  “What is most inspiring about me?”

It might feel a little awkward and weird because we just don’t do this much in our society. It might seem like you’re asking for an ego boost. So if it helps, tell people why you’re asking. Tell them you’re thinking about moving into a new direction in your life and you just want a little help figuring out what that direction might be.

And if it’s really difficult, consider asking through e-mail or Facebook. You might be surprised at the people who respond, and their insights into who you are!

Then, take what they say seriously. Look for trends and themes in their answers. Often, several people will say the same things, and you should really pay attention when you see those themes or patterns.

Also, don’t limit their answers, either. Don’t tell them what direction you’re thinking of, or how you want them to answer. Some might write back three words, and others might send a novel.

The point is simply to get an outside perspective — and take that first step toward finding your talents so you can reorganize your life into a glorious new direction!



Ask three friends: “What is most inspiring about me?”


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  • Virginia
    Posted at 00:24h, 28 August Reply

    We often don’t see our talents and skills because we are used to them and take them for granted. Or, we don’t think they are anything special.
    Good reminder to ask others to point out our ‘good stuff’.

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