Ghosting Is Emotional Abuse

Ghosting Is Emotional Abuse

The effects can be devastating

Ghosting isn’t new. People have engaged in disappearing acts from the guy who goes out to get a beer and never comes home, to the woman who leaves to “find herself” and joins a hippie commune. Years ago this unsettling behavior was limited to a certain type of scoundrel or maybe a free spirit. But these days, it’s becoming more and more common … and even acceptable behavior.

I may ruffle a few feathers when I talk about ghosting being immature and cowardly. But hear me out. We’re all entitled to our own opinion … the difference is that I work with people who have suffered a spiritual injury or some kind of trauma, so I see first-hand the damage it can do.

Yes, we all have the inherent right to not communicate with someone. That’s our choice. But if our choice is to stop communication cold, with no explanation at all, then it walks that fine line of becoming immature and cowardly.

So why do people ghost?

They’re avoiding their own emotional discomfort. They think it’s the easiest, nicest route to avoid their feelings, without considering they’re CREATING a spiritual injury in the other person. They’re creating a trauma … and at the root of trauma is something we can’t explain. When we’re ghosted, we can’t make sense of it. When we can’t make sense of it, we stay stuck, right there in the spiritual injury. This emotional rejection activates the same pain pathways in the brain as physical pain.

If you’ve ever been ghosted, and wondered why you’re having such a hard time getting beyond it, this episode will hopefully bring some insights to help you finally make sense of it all so you can just move forward.


In this week’s episode, you’ll also learn:

  • IS ghosting emotional abuse? (or do we have the right to stop communication if we feel like it)
  • Why does someone resort to ghosting (and should they be forgiven, or forgotten about)?
  • How can we get over the pain of being ghosted?

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