Gift of Desire

The Gift of Desire

— Unlocking the true power of flow —

Desire itself is a strong feeling of wanting to have something or wishing for something to happen. But there’s a surprising gift inside of desire. What we’re talking about with desires is unleashing (or unlocking) the true power of FLOW. We aren’t talking about wanting something SO much that we end up putting resistance on it and pushing it away!

When clients tell me about their desires, what I hear most often is either impatience … or sometimes indifference for not wanting to get their hopes up. Any of these negative emotions are a sign that we’re slowing down the manifestation. We’re pushing it farther away from us. So that’s the first thing to know … ANY negative emotion is a sign that we’re slowing down the very thing we have such a desire for.

We want to get into resonance with the desire itself … that’s the fast track. But we first have to let go of our negative thoughts and allow the flow. That’s exactly how we manifest our desires. We aren’t directly manifesting. We’re creating the atmosphere that allows the manifestation by letting go of all negative thoughts first so we can get into FLOW.

There’s a predictable cycle that we encounter with desire:

Feel the desire > Ego thinking moves in > Find more clarity > Amend the desire > FLOW

If you’re curious about how to USE ego-thinking to find the gift inside your desires and create transformation, then this episode is for you!

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