Have You Found Your Verb?

Often, when people are trying to get UNstuck they say, “I really need to figure out what to DO with my life!” But this is really the wrong question. It means they are looking outside themselves for purpose and meaning, when the real answer is inside.

Maybe you’ve said the same thing. In your search to get UNstuck, you may have switched jobs or spent countless hours in classrooms learning a new skill… and still find yourself not feeling fulfilled and happy with your life.

Instead of looking outside of yourself to find fulfillment, start looking inside for who you are.  Look for the life purpose that comes from inside you. What you do with your life should then be an expression of that life purpose.butterfly-in-maze

So what is a life purpose? It is the aim or intention of the energy you put forth.  It is what compels you to do the things you do.

The essence of your life purpose… believe it or not… is a single VERB! This is the one word that is behind all of our actions, no matter what we are doing. It is the focus of why we do what we do!

For me, that verb is INSPIRE. What I want more than anything is to inspire others to find their exclamation points! For others, it might be TEACH, or HEAL, or EMPOWER.

Maybe your verb has already occurred to you, but how do you know if you’ve landed on the right one?

Take a look back through your life, in all its various stages. Consider all the jobs you’ve had, all the relationships, all the activities you’ve put your time and energy into.

What was the aim or intention of the energy you put forth in that moment? What was the reason you were doing those things? Does it go back to your verb?

If you’ve found the right verb, you’ll see that behind all of the choices you’ve made in life there was this one verb present in everything you’ve done.

This one simple word is the key to your internal compass… the guide to which you can return every time you have a choice to make and need to know what direction to follow.  And when you follow your compass, you can’t help but find your purpose!



Looking back through the events that have defined your life, what emotional energy have you used most often? What was the intention of the energy you put forth in those moments, the reason for doing those things? What verb comes to mind?



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