Is it intention, or something else?

I am not a loosey-goosey person. I don’t believe that “whatever happens, happens” and that I have no say-so where my destiny is concerned. So when I talk about getting UNstuck, I know it’s important to set intentions and put the universe on notice that I will get the outcome I’m seeking!

It starts with being very clear about the outcome, while also holding the space for something even better to show up. That clarity allows us to set intentions about the close-up goals as well as the big picture. What is it that you intend to have in your life? What amazing connections will you have? What fabulous places will you go? What wonderful career opportunities will you embrace? Be very clear about every detail so that you put yourself in vibrational resonance with it.dreamintention

And as you state your intention, be confident and committed! Whatever the goal is, saying “I’ll try” or “I’m open” is a very different energy than committing with dogged determination that, “No matter what, I will turn every stone and actualize this goal!” Whatever your goal is, hold it with such conviction … with such an insanely deep desire … that there is no possible way you’ll be ignored!

And then take it one step further: Write the intention statement out and say it to yourself every morning. Infuse it with emotion and energy. This is the part of the process that really helps to raise your vibration to match the future you are working to create! Because as we talked about last week, 99% of what you want has already been created for you vibrationally … you just have to get into resonance with it. (Here’s the article:

Another tactic: Write down a list of 20 things you’d like to see happen. Then go back and rate each one on your own Deepest Desire Scale of 1-10. If you’re like me, at least three things will rise to the top that quicken your pulse, that put a fire in your eyes, or that raise your energy sky-high! As you reflect on these top three deepest desires, you’ll feel your purpose re-kindle, and that enthusiastic determination will seep over to your other goals, too.

What happens next will amaze you! Everything will start to fall into place, almost by coincidence . . . except that there are NO coincidences. This is the universe responding to your vibration. Little things begin to happen . . . things that you could never plan for in a million years!

Don’t believe me? What are the best parts of your life right now? Now take a moment to rewind a few months or a few years back and see if these were once held as a very deep desire, as something you knew with unshakable determination would be yours. (When I do this for myself, I see moments where “doubt” completely disappeared … along with every ounce of resistance. And this allowed a manifestation to occur.)

So take notice every day of meeting just the right people, finding just the right resources, and seeing the path beginning to unfold in front of you, one step at a time.

Of course, all of this doesn’t usually happen over night. It happens vibrationally first. And when you begin by setting that intention with conviction, you can’t help but find yourself on the path to success!



Write your own intention statement and post it someplace you’ll see it every morning!

No matter what, ____________________________________!



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  • Virginia
    Posted at 00:06h, 17 July Reply

    Remy – very inspiring words to get me to work on my intentions and vibrational energy. I need to open up for those right people and resources to come into my life.
    I am feeling stuck and frustrated. I know why – I (just) have to clear it. Ugh. It will happen.

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