Is Your Attitude Keeping You Stuck?

FreePhoto121How often do you wake up and automatically dread the day ahead and feel miserable before you even begin? We all have those days. And those thoughts can often persist throughout the day, invading all your actions and interactions with others … keeping you stuck in that negative space.

That attitude may be created by the life situation you’re in at the moment, by the people you live and work with, or even just the weather outside. But when all you can see is negativity, you’re going to miss the positive aspects of your life that help you get UNstuck and achieve that amazing life you were meant to live.

The good news is that you’re not genetically coded to have a good or bad attitude. You can choose to face your day with a positive attitude and outlook! Of course, it isn’t always as easy as just saying, “I’m going to be in a good mood today,” but it isn’t difficult to manufacture a good mood. Here are a few ideas for a morning routine …

Simply state out loud “Today’s going to be a great day!” before your feet hit the floor and watch what a profound effect that has on your day. (P.S. Just ending any sentence with an exclamation point is an immediate mood booster!)

Do you have a song that always makes you feel happy? Play it as soon as you wake up in the morning. Set your phone or computer to play the song as your alarm, or put together a playlist to listen to as you get ready in the morning.

Maybe you love those viral videos of puppies and babies. Take a few moments out of your morning to watch a few to start your day with laughter.

Express your gratitude for the good things you have in your life as well. You’ll be amazed at how that, alone, can build up positive energy! When we recognize what we do have … and what we have achieved … we’re so much more able to see what we CAN achieve!

People often ask me if I have a morning routine. I do! I collect happiness quotations and keep them on my smart phone. I review them in the morning while I have my coffee, and then I review my “vision cards” to keep those five things I’m creating in my life at the forefront of each day.

Whatever you do, do it with intention. Know that the goal is to build a positive attitude to face the day, and tell yourself, “Today’s going to be a great day!”

YOUR TURN: What three things will you start doing in the morning to build a positive attitude?


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