Law of Attraction 101: How to Manifest What You Really Want

Have you ever set out to achieve something, but ended up incredibly happy with an entirely different outcome, and that somehow, the outcome was really what you wanted all along?

Or, have you ever wondered why, despite all of your efforts to focus on what you want, you can’t seem to bring them into being?

FreePhoto119When people are first introduced to the concept of the law of attraction, they think it’s a simple matter of asking the universe for something and the exact thing will be, at some point, handed to them. But this approach is limited. It does not take into account both our feelings and our actions. It focuses only on our small self . . . the one who experiences the world through our five senses. As a result, we tend to feel separate from all that we want to be, do and have, and we tend to focus on acquiring the perfect house, the perfect vacations, the perfect spouse . . . and the list goes on.

It’s important to acknowledge the big self in this process. This is our soul self . . . the one who already knows who we are. Our soul self is the one who knows that what we really want when we focus on our goals is to expand our greatness and experience things like joy, love, prosperity, and our purpose.

In order to manifest what we want . . . to take those things in our imagination and bring them to a physical reality . . . means we need to make peace between our two selves: the part of us that feels and the part of us that acts.

The small you sees and believes the lies that you are not capable or worthy. This is what keeps you from accepting what is right in front of you! It is the part of you that resists the steps you need to take to welcome the fabulous life you want to live!

Manifesting what you really want is about recognizing when and how you resist, and consistently releasing the resistance. As you release resistance, the small self gets smaller, the big self is revealed more and more, and you begin to expand into the truth of who you really are!


List some of the goals your small self is trying to achieve. Do these goals really reflect your bigger self, and the ultimate goal of expanding your soul?


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