Living “La Dolce Vita”

Living La Dolce VitaLet’s consider… why do you want to be a business owner? What is your vision?

Running a business requires a lot of commitment, time, energy, passion, and purpose. But WHY do you want do it?  Do you want to be working 18+ hour days to keep your business afloat?  Or do you want your own business because you envision it as a conduit to living La Dolce Vita … the sweet life?

Your business should work for you to help you achieve the vision of your life.  Your business exists to support you so that you can live your passion, achieve your dreams, and live the life you desire … on your terms. 

Is your business supporting your vision of your life right now?  Or are you stuck in the hamster wheel of struggle and working so hard that you cannot even enjoy the fruits of your labors?

Do you want to live the Sweet Life? Then let’s identify what that means for you. Here are a few steps to get you started …


First – GET CLEAR on your vision. What does it mean to live “La Dolce Vita”? Living “the sweet life” means something different for each of us.  Think about what is most important in your life.  For example, when you are at the end of your life looking back – what will matter most about how you lived and created your life?  For you, it might be having more time with your family, being able to travel more, or simply doing work that you love.  What is your personal life vision?  Get crystal clear on what is most important in your life. Be specific.  Grab a piece of paper, title it “Vision”, and answer this question: “When my life is ideal, I am _____.” List at least 10 things.

Second – Be in the experience of your vision.  Imagine what it feels like, looks like, tastes like and sounds like to be living the daily vision of your life.  Take time as you begin each day to visualize experiencing your vision in your daily life experience.  Feel the exhilaration, the joy, the peace, the love and the passion of your vision. Grab a thesaurus and find a word or emotion that describes each of the 10 items that you just wrote down.

Third – Hold your vision clearly as you imagine stepping into each day and into the process of managing your business.  Use your vision as your guide to your business decisions.  As opportunities present themselves, ask the question: Does this support the vision I’ve just written down?  Will this opportunity make me feel one of the emotions I’ve just written down? Think of at least three imaginary opportunities that might come your way, and put them through the litmus test (for instance, a friend of mine was asked to write a series of articles, but she decided it wouldn’t give her the exposure she wanted and she isn’t a writer … the “opportunity” would have complicated her life and added stress to it).


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