Making a Difference by Living Your Passion – It’s Time to STEP UP

Y25764264 - beautiful spring young woman outdoors enjoying natureou are a powerful force in the Universe and you are here for a reason. You know this. You would not be here reading this blog in this moment if you did not know this on some level. You are driven by a force deep inside you that yearns for you to discover and live your passion. And yet, you are struggling to make it happen…

  • Perhaps you are uncertain about what your passion is
  • Perhaps you are afraid to take the necessary steps to move you in the direction of your passion
  • Perhaps you are surrounded by naysayers
  • Perhaps you have a host of responsibilities that take up your time and energy
  • Perhaps you feel stuck and just don’t know where to begin

The list goes on…

But what you may not realize is that, by not living your passion, you are doing a disservice to yourself and to others. The world needs you to step up, live your passion, and make a difference in the world.

Whether you’re passionate about being a great mom, teaching people how to read, finding the cure to cancer, or providing great service to the patrons at the local grocery, it matters. When you do what you love, you radiate joy into your work and your life, which radiates out to the lives that you touch – in an infinite number of big and small ways. You also give permission to the rest of us to follow your lead and live our passion. What an amazing gift you have to offer!

It’s time to get UNstuck, STEP UP, and do whatever it takes to make a difference! Get clear …

  • What’s your soapbox issue (or, what’s broken in the world)?
  • In what ways would you love to change world?
  • What lessons have you found yourself repeating in life?



Commit to taking one action step each day that moves you in the direction of your passion and purpose.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Start learning more about your passion – read books and articles, join a forum, take a class
  • Resolve to remove some of the barriers that keep you from living your passion
  • Surround yourself with people and situations that will support you and move you closer to living your passion. Find groups and communities, join a MeetUp, go to events.
  • Seek opportunities to live your passion! This may be through a vocation, a class, an outing, daily interactions with the world, volunteering, or any number of other opportunities. Get creative and move in the direction of your joy!

For more INSPIRATION to help you STEP UP, visit this page:


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