Overcoming Resistance (the Irresistible Way)

Often, when you decide it’s time to get UNstuck, your mind is very resistant to it. You want to do it… you need to do it… but it’s the last thing your mind wants to do.

Your mind is actually just doing its job: trying to keep you safe. Getting UNstuck means changing the status quo. It means challenging your sense of safety, familiarity and control.

Is there an irresistible (maybe sexy) way to overcome resistance?

02 Don't Overthink It18299561The resistance you feel is your mind reacting to the concern that you won’t know how to handle the unknown. But just think for a minute about how the unknown can be sexy. (I’ll let your mind come up with your own metaphors for that one because the unknown can be very sexy in certain situations!)

We’ve been taught that our mind holds us back from what our heart wants. But our mind isn’t shouting “STOP!” Our mind simply saying, “Go slow. Be with it. Savor the journey, and make sure you know what you want.”

Your mind is giving you the opportunity to move through the challenge in a very deliberate way. Your mind is giving you the opportunity to romance the challenge, transform it, and align it with your heart.

So when you feel resistance, don’t hide. Explore… discover … savor the opportunity in front of you!

Go through the following questions to help break down the resistance and move forward.


Your Turn:

Think of a challenge you’re experiencing right now … something you feel resistance toward. Allow the resistance to float on past you and move off to the side so you can see more clearly.

Then look at the challenge as something you’d like to romance, something you’d like to discover more about and savor its delight. What’s irresistible about this challenge – in other words, what’s appealing, enticing, and maybe even mouth-watering about the possibilities it holds?


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