Does positive thinking actually work?

A lot of people who feel stuck may be experiencing hard times. And maybe, if that’s you, you talk a lot about the bad stuff you’re going through. Well, today’s advice is … don’t.

Don’t ever announce that you’re having hard times.

Relentlessly trying to solve a problem only makes it stick even tighter to you. Deliberately think abundance and prosperity and best possible outcomes.

It’s so much easier to simply create what you want!

It still baffles me why we have a tendency to solve a problem instead of just creating the solution.

Let me explain …

During the economic downturn in the 80s, there were those who talked and talked about it. I found it annoying, quite frankly – I’ve always subscribed to the idea of deliberately thinking about prosperity.

But if you remember back to almost 30 years ago (gosh, I suddenly feel old!), it was a tough decade. And no matter how optimistic I was, I couldn’t seem to break the financial cycle I was in. So I eventually gave in. I decided to bereal, to be transparent, and to tell people that I was in the same boat as everyone else … that I was struggling.

It was one of the worst things I could have ever done.

On the one hand, people say they respect transparency. But on the other hand, if you’re a leader, they may never look at you the same way.

Yes, people do judge.

In looking back, I wish I had kept my struggles to myself, and still found ways to inspire others around me. Because the minute I gave in and announced I was having a hard time, it became so real, so concrete, that I almost couldn’t get out of it.

I made a policy to never do that again, to not focus on the problem or agree there’s a problem there, because now I know it’ll stick like glue. These days, I subscribe to the idea that there’s always a positive, even in the negative. I actually look for the positive, and look at what I want to create.

That’s the only thing I look at.

Here’s a quick exercise to help you do the same thing. Think of a challenge you have right now. How much of your time do you spend thinking about it and trying to solve it? 80% of your time? 100% of your time?

Grab your pen, write down what it is you actually want, and flip the percentages, so that you think 80% or 100% of the time about what you want. You may be surprised at the immediate shift in your world!

Does positive thinking really work? I believe it does … not to the point where we become Pollyanna-ish. But creating our own future with intention is an undeniable force.

Your Turn

 The challenge I have right now is:





The amount of time I spend thinking about it is (80%? 100%?):


The specific outcome I’d like to create is:





The amount of time I now commit to thinking about this outcome is:


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