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How to Get UNstuck From the Trickiest Rut

Orange County, CA, United States, March 1, 2014 – Best selling author, Rémy Chaussé, reveals an inspiring day-by-day plan for how to get unstuck in under 30 days in her latest book, “Get UNstuck – Get Out of Status Quo and Get Past Go!”

This book is written for extraordinary women with big-ass dreams who are ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo.

“Get UNstuck – Get Out of Status Quo and Get Past Go!” encourages readers who feel like they’re stuck in mediocrity … or they’re all jacked up on oxytocins after a bad breakup and can’t seem to move on … or they got caught in The Anger Trap and their life purpose got de-railed … to start with their current life situation and use that as a baseline, shaping and transforming it into a beautiful opportunity to grow and evolve.

Known as America’s 1st UNstuckologist, Rémy developed 30 simple lessons, each followed by a practical exercise that can be used in every situation from personal relationships to professional aspirations.

Rémy notes, “If you’ve ever said, ‘I feel stuck, and I’ve tried everything’… then this may be just for you! I hope you’ll dive into this amazingly simple plan for getting UNstuck from the trickiest rut, so you can create a life you LOVE!”

“Get UNstuck – Get Out of Status Quo and Get Past Go!” is currently available at, Barnes and Noble, and on other trusted online stores.

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Radio and TV Pitch Letter

Dear Producer:

When you’ve tried everything, and you’ve thrown your hands to the heavens and screamed, “Just tell me what to do!”, then you’re having that oh-so-common feeling of being stuck. It’s happened to all of us at one time or another. We’re stuck in a toxic relationship and jacked up on oxytocins… we’re stuck in a dead-end job… we’re stuck in the painful spiral of obsessive overthinking when it’s time to just move on.

In her innovative new book, “Get UNstuck – Get Out of Status Quo and Get Past Go!”, America’s 1st UNstuckologist can show you how to break through the trickiest rut so you can just move on to a life you love. Rémy offers an inspiring day-by-day plan for getting UNstuck, and unlocking the stunning, amazing, incredible YOU!

In an interview, Rémy can discuss:

  • How to make great decisions easily and effortlessly
  • What to do with annoying excuses
  • What to do with annoying excuses
  • How to get clarity in an instant
  • How to get clarity in an instant
  • How to stop settling for less (hint: this is what has you stuck in the first place!)
  • How to stop solving problems, and start creating solutions that inspire you
  • How to expand your life by using the Law of Increase
  • Why you need to get totally, utterly, and completely honest with yourself
  • How to bust through passivity and indifference and find your spark again
  • Why doubts always have a message about your own values
  • Why PFT (Previous Failure Thinking) is a form of torture!

If your audience is looking for experience, advice, and anecdotes to help people abandon their comfort zone, discover what’s holding them back, and find the positive again … then Rémy shows us that extraordinary women with big-ass dreams no longer have to be ridiculously unsatisfied with status quo.

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Interview Questions

  1. What’s the #1 reason people getting stuck?
  2. What is spiritual injury?
  3. How DO you overcome spiritual injury?
  4. How do you stay positive around negative people?
  5. How do we choose the right path, when we aren’t sure which way to go?