Should We Be Intentional Creators?

Should We Be Intentional Creators?

Is the Universe waiting for us to create … or to surrender to what’s meant to be?

We know from/many of the masters over time …. Wallace Wattles, Albert Einstein, Ben Franklin, and so many others … that there’s an unformed substance up there in the ethers waiting for us to use our thoughts to create something. Our thoughts create reality. It’s an exact science. And failure is impossible.

If this is the case, why do we hear so much about surrendering, and destiny, and allowing? Are we supposed to be deliberate creators, or are we supposed to let it go, and let it flow?

In this video, we’ll be talking about allowing versus the idea of exercising our intention for our specific desires.

Want more?

This episode is for you if you wonder …

  • Where do we draw the line between creating and letting go?
  • Does destiny trump our ability to create? Is it a greater force?
  • Does the power of intention call in resistance?

These are spiritual lessons with a practical edge. You can also listen in for the short exercise that’s designed to help you implement this week’s topic.

If you’re someone who has the audacitythe willingness to take bold risks … then you can use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes starting today!

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