A sure sign you’re on the right path

Have you ever considered the term synchronicities? Does it mean that you were in the right place at the right time? Is it that everything happens for a reason, and just when it’s supposed to? Are synchronicities simply surprising coincidences?

Synchronicity is when two or more events happen at the same time by accident, yet they have some kind of connection.

But are synchronicities scientifically predictable (like, the law of averages)? Or … are they the Law of Attraction in-motion?

Like the Law of Attraction, synchronicities are always there, always around us. It isn’t some paranormal event, but they exist to connect us to everything around us, and these are the moments we recognize that everything around us is spiritually alive.

If you’ve ever had an experience – signs, recurring names or numbers, coincidences – and you think, “Well, either that’s a sign, or I’m losing my mind!” well, you aren’t alone!

I hope today’s podcast inspires you to look more closely at synchronicities, and perhaps even answer a few questions like, “Can we ATTRACT synchronicities to prove to us that we’re on the right path”?

Want more?

This episode is for you if you wonder:

  • Can synchronicities help with your decision-making process?
  • Do synchronicities reflect the collective unconscious, or are they signs sent from heaven?
  • How to use synchronicities to help you navigate through life

These are spiritual lessons with a practical edge. You can also listen in for the short exercise that’s designed to help you implement this week’s topic.

If you’re someone who has the audacitythe willingness to take bold risks … then you can use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes starting today!

What’s next?

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