Respect The Bubble

Respect The Bubble!

–  How to hold the vibrational frequency for what you desire –

Today, we’re talking about how to hold the vibrational frequency for what we desire.

I get so many questions about this … how to raise our vibration, or how to become a vibrational match. It seems that you all love embracing your Inner Einstein as much as I do, because you tell me so often  how you love that quote to match the frequency of the reality you want, and you cannot help but get that reality. I know that for me, it’s probably my biggest success tip!

How do we become a vibrational match for what we desire? And how can we hold that frequency … and stay in that high frequency bubble … until what we want materializes?

Want more?

This episode is for you if you wonder …

  • How exactly to become a vibrational match for a desire?
  • Will affirmations help with this, or is there a better way to use them?
  • What if sometimes I want this, and sometimes I want that? How do I break that pattern so that I can align with what I really want?

These are spiritual lessons with a practical edge. You can also listen in for the short exercise that’s designed to help you implement this week’s topic.

If you’re someone who has the audacitythe willingness to take bold risks … then you can use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes starting today!

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