How to Stop the Inner Struggles That Make You Crazy!

Harness your inner TeamLet’s talk about a powerful team you have working for you that you might not even know about. This is a team with amazing power to get you out of any sticky situation and on the right track to your real purpose and passion in life.

Who are they?

I call them your Inner Board of Directors. What, you might ask, is an Inner Board of Directors?

You know how you have those different parts of you that sometimes oppose each other inside your head? Part of you wants this… part of you wants that…

Well, we can get these parts of you to come together in a cohesive manner so that they can work in harmony, instead of pulling you in 20 different directions (and sometimes keeping you stuck). We can assign them to be on your Inner Board of Directors!

Your Inner Board of Directors is simply made up of the significant aspects of your personality, your knowledge, and your experience. They’re there to consult before you make a major decision. They’re also there to offer advice – free of charge! – whenever you need some guidance or direction!

Your Inner Board of Directors is especially important if you have a single, very strong personality trait (in my case, it’s definitely optimism!) that dominates all of your thinking and decision making. When you’re stuck, chances are that one Board Member you tend to rely on doesn’t have the answer. So taking that extra time to listen to other, possibly genius and very grounded aspects of your personality can help you look at a problem or challenge from entirely different perspectives.

Your IBD can also help you break a situation down into manageable pieces instead of leaving it all jumbled up in one big knot. It helps eliminate confusion, which in turn helps you take steps toward a positive outcome.

Sounds good, right? All you need to do now is create your Board.

Grab a pen and write down a list of qualities or strengths that you already possess that can help you get unstuck from any life challenge. These qualities might be intuition, optimism, strategic vision, feistiness, joy, playfulness, wisdom, or even protective instincts.

Those are some examples of qualities. So how would that translate into Board members? Well, your Board might have these 8 positions:




Power Babe

Out-of-the-box Thinker

Inner Wisdom

Joy Seeker

Homeland Security

What positions are important to you? Assemble your own Inner Board, and you’ll have an amazingly effective tool for seeing all sides of a situation – but all through eyes that are true to you.

Give each part of you a separate voice (this is a great voice dialogue exercise for your journal!), and you might be surprised which one actually helps you get UNstuck for good.

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