Your Inner Voice Has Tremendous Impact


22086081 - blonde young girl holding hands in heart shape framing setting sun at sunset on ocean beachYou inner voice has a tremendous impact on how your life unfolds.  Your thoughts, your words, your emotions all create your outer reality. When you focus your most of your attention on the negative aspects of your life … on fear, worry, self-doubt and stress … your outer world will reflect negatively.  When you focus your attention on the positive … on love, joy, and wonder … your outer world will reflect positively.

Take a close look at your life.  Does your outer world reflect your deepest inner longing? Are you experiencing love and joy and abundance?  Are you living in the wonder of life?

If the answer is no, chances are you have been running negative programs and self-talk most of the time. Perhaps you are very hard on yourself, and perhaps you often experience a high level of stress, worry and fear. Those negative internal programs will manifest in your outer world unless you take active steps to get yourself UNstuck and change your thoughts.

To be clear, I am not talking about ignoring reality and pretending that everything is wonderful and great all the time!  What I am talking about is changing your inner programming. Most of us run about 80% negative messages and programs most of the time, and our brains are wired to focus on the bad much more so than the good.  Often times, much of this negativity is self-directed.  You likely would never speak so harshly to another as you do to yourself.

This self-directed negativity is extremely destructive and can manifest in a number of challenges, including financial challenges, relationship conflicts, and physical dis-ease.

It’s time to change your inner dialogue to one of self-love and compassion.  You will be amazed at how miraculously your life will shift into alignment with your passion and dreams.

Your Turn:

Over the next week, notice your inner dialogue.  Journal the messages you say to yourself as you go through each day.  How do you talk to yourself about your body, your habits, your work, your relationships, your everything … ?

Journal it when you are carrying any anger or resentment toward yourself.  Notice where you feel good about yourself and where you do not.

Journal how you may be impatient with yourself.  Notice how you judge yourself.

Journal about your experiences and observations … all of them … for just one week, with no editing (and no judgment).

And then, each time you witness yourself being hard or yourself, or being unkind in any way, STOP.  Pause for just a moment, place your hand over your heart, and internally or aloud, change your message to one of self-love and compassion. It can be as simple as saying “I love you”.

Make this practice of self-love a continuing daily practice and see what miraculous shifts appear in your life.



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