You’re Ready for a Spiritual Awakening

7 Signs You’re Ready for a Spiritual Awakening

– No, You Aren’t Losing Your Mind! –

When I started becoming aware of my own spiritual awakening, on most days I sat on the edge of my bed thinking, “I must be losing my mind.”

I was beginning to hear things in my head that I couldn’t explain. I thought I must be having a psychotic break or possibly a brain tumor. But it all turned out to be something new for me … intuition! It was more than that, though, because even I’d never really felt like I had much intuition at all … and now I was also having cosmic glimpses and mystical experiences on top of this new 6th sense!

Not only was I feeling flocks of angels around me, but I was also getting visits from other people’s guides, like the three monks that would follow me around in the park hoping to get a message to a friend of mine. I was getting downloads from the Akashic Masters, and even a personal visit from an Archangel. How was I now living inside of some crystal ball like you see on the angel card decks?

It took a VERY long time to begin to accept this, and not just think I was crazy. I mean, if you had shown up at my front door with a straight jacket, I’d have probably willingly gone off to the looney bin!

This was all very unnerving for me because I’ve always been a very pragmatic person. I didn’t like getting a peek at any other realities besides my own. I was real-world grounded and didn’t like things that were intangible. I liked facts and figures, and things I could prove and justify. I would never have called myself  analytical …it’s just that I liked living in a world where things were tangible.

During this time of beginning to hear things from Spirit, I was also beginning to feel things. I was feeling vibrations and experiencing uncontrollable shaking, cramps in my legs and feet, undeniable panic, and too much pressure in my head.

There was even a time where I had this obsessive itching with absolutely nothing visible on my skin. It got so bad that I was waking up with blood on my sheets from scratching in my sleep. I finally had to go to a doctor because it was all out of control … only my earlobes were escaping what the rest of my skin was going through. And after a battery of tests, they could find absolutely nothing wrong with me. I somehow knew it must be energetic when I went in, but I also hoped they could find a physical reason for all the uncontrollable itching.

Don’t even get me started on the day I had a nosebleed a few feet from a guy who had broken his nose. How was it possible that I now had to deal with other people’s issues when I was barely surviving my own!

This all turned out to be symptoms of a kundalini awakening. Or as I like to call it, more weirdness. Once I started to research spiritual awakening, you can’t imagine the relief that I felt, knowing I wasn’t losing my mind (although with everything I was going through, maybe losing my mind might’ve been a little bit easier)!

If something like this began to happen to you, would you be ready? If you experienced these changes emotionally, mentally, or physically, would you be equipped? Would you be prepared for a spiritual awakening? (Are you ready now, and just want to avoid all the emotional, mental, and physical weirdness?)

And how could this ascension blend with your real-world success, and not end up being a huge distraction? In this episode, we’ll talk about seven practices that we can begin to master, in preparation for a spiritual awakening (or to make the process of being spiritually awake a little easier in the real world).


In this week’s episode, you’ll also learn:

  • How to let things be, and not get tangled up in the negative energies that keep you from a spiritual awakening
  • How to find the elusive answers that are right there at the very core of your being
  • Whether time moves forward, or straight UP

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If you’re someone who has the audacitythe willingness to take bold risks… then you can use the powers of alchemy to transform challenges into positive new successes starting today!

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